Social Media Marketing

I develop content for and manage social media pages to help organizations and entrepreneurs grow and engage with their audience while they get to relax or focus on other parts of their business. With doing this, I get to thrive in connecting with multiple people doing various things, and to create, write and manager websites/pages for other people in need! I'm well experienced in the social media platforms listed below:

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Facebook, the biggest social media platform in the world, we (probably) all know it on personal level. But do we know how to use it for our businesses? Do you know how to find more leads, prospects or clients on Facebook? Do you sell your products here and how is that going for you? Do you analyse the data and see even bigger opportunities?


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Where most people use this platform for personal matters only, it's quiet lucrative to get started with advertising on Instagram too. The number of active users is rising fast and opportunities for advertising with it. 

I can monetize your IG account, create a social community around it and get people to act on your ads. 

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One of the oldest social media platforms and still a very powerful tool to keep in touch with your clients. Update your followers with news, facts, new products or a fun fact and they will remember you the next time they need one of your products or services. Tweet! 

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Let's get social! 

Besides the three social media platforms mentioned above, there are many more social ways to reach your ideal client. Do you have a specific platform you want to know more about? Let's get social and have a chat! 


Check out my personal social media accounts below.