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A surfer.
A traveler.
An adventurer.
An internet geek.
An online marketeer.

Hi, nice to meet you!

I'm Josien, a travel junky with a deep passion for online advertising, marketing and branding on one hand and sustainable, eco-friendly and fair trade projects on the other. After 11 years of working in fast-paced commercial organizations, I quit my job to combine my travel addiction with freelancing in the online marketing industry. 

And right now, I divide my time between being a Online Marketing Professional on remote, traveling around the globe and creating more awareness for several eco projects. 

how it all started

I'm an 80s kid, born and raised in a little farmer town in the Netherlands. Hidden in a big landslide that the Dutch reclaimed from the sea, I grew up with my older sister and younger brother ‘at the bottom of the sea’. I was always playing outdoors, riding my bike or building cribs in the woods. Though I loved being there, I always had the urge to leave. There is more out there, behind the dikes are bigger cities, why wouldn’t we discover that too?

In high school and during my study, I learned all about brand promotions and communications. I stood out in marketing related projects, analyzing results/data and had fun doing it. That's when I knew my future was in marketing, which grew to online marketing during my career.

Over all those years of high-school and studies, the inner-traveling-voice kept calling. Dikes became international borders and my bike changed to airplanes. Marketing and Traveling became my main interests, but still I never thought of being able to travel full time. Until I started working as online marketeer. The only tools I needed were wifi and a laptop. Meaning: you can do this from (almost) anywhere in the world!

In the last two years of working for ‘a boss’ I realized more and more that the office life is not meant for me. I still enjoyed my job a lot, but the travel bug hit me hard. So I started looking for ways to keep this job, but work from the other side of the world. With my feet in the sand and my laptop in my hand. It sounded like a dream, too good to be true, etc.


That ‘idea’ didn’t let me go. Or maybe I didn’t want it to leave me. After a few weeks it was pretty clear to me that with my years of experience in online marketing, I can definitely make it work. Excited, thrilled and stoked I quit my job and started SALTED.PRO! A name that refers to the days on my surfboard and at the beach. But it also stands for witty, lively, smart and seasoned. You will always find humor and positive vibes in my work. I think things through before I act and (try to) be one step ahead of the rest. I am punctual, strict and know the drill (and like the thrill ;-) ). Therefore, I am certain I make a difference in any marketing team, even from the other side of the world with my feet in the sand and laptop in my hand.

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